KEI was established in 1968 as a partnership firm under the name Krishna Electrical Industries, with prime business activity of manufacturing house wiring rubber cables. Today, it is grown into an empire offering holistic wires & cables solutions with a global presence. Headquartered in New Delhi (India), the Company offers an extensive range of cabling solutions. KEI manufactures and markets Extra-High Voltage (EHV), Medium Voltage (MV) & Low Voltage (LV) power cables


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Finolex   Cables   Ltd,   the   flagship   company   of   the   Finolex   Group   was   established   in   1958   in   Pune.   Today,   it   is   India's   largest   and   leading   manufacturer   of   electrical and telecommunication cables with a turnover in excess of Rs.16 Billion (about US $ 320 million)   The   company   started   its   operation   with   the   manufacture   of   PVC   insulated   electrical   cables   for   the   automobile   industry.   Since   then,   the   Company   has   constantly endeavored   to   augment   its   product   range   to   include,   PVC   insulated   industrial   cables   ,   FR-LSH   PVC   Insulated   Industrial   Cables,   PVC   insulated   single   core   and multicore   flexible   industrial   cables,   Rodent   Repellent   Multicore   Flexible   industrial   Cables,   PVC   Insulated   Winding   Wires   and   3   Core   Flat   Cables,   XLPE   3   Core   Flat Cables,   Power   and   Control   Cables,   High   Voltage   Power   Cables   (Upto   33   kV),   Polyethylene   Insulated   Jelly   Filled Telephone   Cables, Auto   &   Battery   Cables,   Co-axial and CATV cables, LAN Cables, Switchboard Cables, Fibre Optic Cables and others.
Everything   that   you   can   think   of   works   with   wires.   Including   Wi-fi   networks.   Wires   work   like   nerves,   untiring,   relentless,   providing.   Lamps,   fans,   air conditioners, bells, refrigerators, wires are everywhere, working like the nerves of your house.   It   is   with   this   understanding   and   inspiration   that   RR   Kabel   has   always   made   the   latest   advances   in   wire   design      and   engineering.   RR   Kabel   wires have   outstanding   performance   characteristics   and   represent   contemporary   design.   Though   designed   solely   with   application   and   function   in   mind, our   products   are   nevertheless   endowed   with   a   subtle   aesthetic.   We   at   RR   Kabel   think   wires   are   not   just   objects,   we   believe   that   wires   play   the   role of   nerves   in   the   body.      Spread   across   your   premises,   empowering   appliances,   and   reaching   out   to   every   corner   of   your   house   to   make   it   come   alive with   energy.   When   you   believe   this   you   have   designers,   engineers,   fabricators,   and   other   partners   who   need   to   have   incredible   design   and commitment to pursue and create a product that can be trusted, and relied upon.
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