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At   Wipro   Lighting ,    innovation   is   a   never-ending   journey.   Our   passion   for   innovation   and   quality   drives   us   to   develop   and   deliver   new products   and   solutions   for   our   customers.   Wipro   Lighting   has   been   at   the   forefront   of   providing   creative   lighting   solutions   for   modern workspaces,   healthcare   centers,   pharmaceutical   industry,   manufacturing,   roads   and   highways,   landscape   etc.   We   have   helped   customers create a cheerful workplace and meet their energy saving needs through various offerings, such as:
Hybec   is   a   Lighting   and   LED   Products   distribution,   sales   &   marketing   company   since   1998.   Since   more   than   decade   our   products   have   been   distributed   pan   India through   distributors,   wholesalers,   retailers,   Architects   and   Developers.   With   a   dedicated   and   passionate   team   of   over   100   personnel   we   are   inspired   and   aim   to reach   market   leader   position   within   the   next   8   Years.   We   are   constantly   introducing   innovative   products   and   lighting   concepts   and   solutions   to   fulfill   our   customer requirements   and   market   demands.   Specialising   in   lighting   for   the   Indian   market,   we   sell   over   a   1000   lighting   products   designed   for   a   wide   range   of   lighting applications and target markets for indoor and outdoor applications for residential and commercial establishments.
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LEDOS is the leading brand for LED lighting products offering entire range of LED Strip Light, developing green lighting solutions that reduce costs, improves productivity. We are leading the way into a new era of environmentally and human friendly LED lighting, by combining the most advanced digital control, thermal management and lighting fixture designs with international quality standards and performance, we provides the most versatile, best-in-class and cost-effective LED lighting products available in the market.

Häfele is an international company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems. Around the world,

customers from the furniture industry, dealers, joiners and cabinet makers, as well as architects, planners and builders all rely on Häfele's

expertise and performance.