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Switch to the extra-ordinary
Standalone Residential Lighting Control
Satin finish switches & Sockets
PK Isoblock Plug & Socket with Interlock switch
A complete range for heavy duty applications
PK Plug & Socket ( Domestic Panel Mounted)
Domestic Panel Mounted
PK Plug & Socket ( Extra- Low voltage)
A complete range of products to supply circuits with risks of direct and indirect contacts with live parts
PK Plug & Socket (for Containers)
The solution for safe connections worldwide
PK Plug & Socket (Low voltage)
A Complete range of High performance Thermo- plastic industrial plugs & sockets
PK Unica Plug & Socket with Interlock switch
A complete range of solutions in one standard size
Standalone Residential Lighting Control
The broadest international modular range
Bauhaus expression
The revolutionary Full-Flat switch for outstanding people
Square Series
Aluminum Plates
Wood Plates
Norisys Technology   Limited   was   established   in   1987.   Ever   since   Norisys   was   founded   25   years   ago,   inherent   product   quality   has   been   the   hallmark   of   the Company.   In   order   to   deliver   the   highest   level   of   quality   available   in   every   respect,   our   engineers   toil   with   passion   and   precision.   We   have   always   been measured   by   this   benchmark.   Norisys   products   continue   to   redefine   standards   in   design,   materials,   processing   and   technology   coupled   with   the   high   level of service which we strive to provide for all our customers. Technical   know-how   from   tradition:   Norisys   has   stood   for   quality,   safety   and   fine   engineering.   As   a   leading   switchgear   manufacturer,   Norisys   has pioneered new trend-setting standards ― in switches, sockets, motor starters, miniature circuit breakers for high-specification engineering products.
Style is a magic wand which turns everything that it touches into gold. Be it the heritage, classic or techno, make a style statement... give your interiors the Finishing Touch with North-West. Stylus switches - A contemporary and minimal design. Superbly elegant, these switches are built on the same design platform as the immensely popular 'Convex Series', delivering better versatility. Extra 'safety' features include terminal shrouding for 'finger-proffing' and 'spark shield'. Convex Switches - a range that combines superior electrical engineering technology with elegant aesthetics. The Convex Series give you a wide choice of colours in switches, sockets and cover plates.
Expanding its product portfolio and to reach more consumers.Finolex has Launched “Finoswitch” a wide range of electrical switches. Available in two range- Premium and Classic, Finoswitch is made of Superior Quality of polycarbonate & silver coated contacts & terminals used in making of most modern switches Finoswitch is a safe, durable & is tasted to last over 60,000 clicks. The switches are with an unique fluorescent strip that glow in the dark & acts as a guide.
Lighting Solution  | Energy Distribution

Each switch is crafted with the same focus on quality and technological brilliance that Legrand is known for. They

can be customized as per your individual need.